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INVESTMENTS FROM $370,000 and up
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We are raising funds and developing a glamping retreat/RV park in South Florida. You are welcome to become a business owner and partner. The glamping retreat will be owned by an LLC. You can buy as little as 1% or higher of the LLC. The portion of the company you purchase is registered fully in your name with all legal rights and titles.
You own the company, we manage it. We develop, build, and manage the glamping retreat. When the retreat is up and running, earn your portion from the earned income. Every month after the retreat is built, we distribute the generated profit from the property to the investors according to their share of the ownership.
Investment from $370,000 And Up
Florida Glamping Retreat/RV park
$37M development. The South Florida lake-front retreat is going to include Glamping, Campground and RV park. Perfect for those seeking a dependable monthly income after its construction, looking for an investment opportunity to save their money from the inflation and make 15-20% ROI.
Investment Comparison
RV Parks, Glampings 15-20%
Residential real estate 7-10%
Stocks 3-7%

As Demand Grows, Glamping and RV Park owners enjoy High Return on their Investments. You may be surprised to know that RV parks, campgrounds and glamping retreats in real estate are one of the highest returning investments (ROI around 15% to 20%). Considering an ROI of around 7-10% for a residential real estate investment and 3-7% for a stock market investment, owning an RV park lot starts to look like a more intelligent solution.
How We Work
Do you think that a regular person can not be the owner of multi-million dollar real estate? You are right! With the kind of prices, many simply lack the millions in funds to do so. But we can develop and build it together. A group of people can accumilate 37M together, each being a part of the company. Then, once the retreat is built, it will become a $80M glamping retreat, increasing the value of each person's investment portion AND bringing in steady passive income. In addition, real estate investments are considered one of the safest types.
  • Invest
    Multi-Million real-estate projects are out of reach for most investors. However, you can buy as little as $370,000 of a $37M project and step into the world of luxury real estate. You can become the owner of the LLC, with a minimum of 1% ownership. We sell the LLC to the investors, with each person owning as little as 1% or more. The LLC owns the glamping retreat, build, manage it, and you get income in proportion to your portion of the company.
  • Monthly Income
    Every month of the retreat's operation we send you your fair share of profit directly to your bank account. We distribute the earnings among all the investors in accordance with their percentage of ownership in the LLC.
  • Control & Full Legal Ownership
    Whether you buy 1% or 70%, we register the portion of LLC in your name. The LLC OWNS the glamping resort. You are the full, outright legal owner of the LLC with all ownership rights and titles.
  • Resale
    Any time you want to exit your investment, just let us know. We speak with investors every single day and we can easily help you get market value or more for your share of the LLC. Your property is already professionally managed and already proving to generate income, so it easy to resell.
  • Professional Management
    We build, manage, and distribute profit from the retreat. First, we choose out of the properties in accordance to the present costs and investors interests. We work with professional developers, designers and planners to build the luxury glamping retreat. Then we manage and maintain it in the best possible condition, working with professional management companies with decades of experience in managing highly-profitable projects.
  • Repeat
    Next investment! We don't stop there. After the Luxury Glamping Retreat is complete, we will have more retreats ready to begin building across Florida. Become financially stable together, and continue to grow from here on outward to have several sites through the state.
Why Invest with Us Now?
In 2022-23, inflation in the US reached its record high of the past 40 years. How to save your money from being devoured and losing value from inflation? Getting a stake in a real estate development business is a good way to go to keep your savings from depreciating. Let's count. The budget for land purchase, construction of 300 units, advertising and setting up a glamping management structure is $37M. The average rent of one glamping unit per night is $100.

The revenue from glamping per year is planned to be $100 x 30 days x 12 months x 0.75% occupancy rate x 300 units =$8,100,000 gross annual income.

But don't forget about additional income streams! The food & beverages, kayak and tubing rentals, events, merchandise and others are also predicted to make profit for you.

Taking into account the fact that 30% of the proceeds will be expenses, taxes, other factors, the ROI is estimated to be 15.3%. In other words, by investing even the minimum amount of $370,000 in the construction of the glamping retreat for ownership in only 1% of the business, after the construction is completed, you will receive an annual income of $70,200. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

At the same time, after the construction is completed, your share in the company will rise in value from $370,000 to an estimated $800,000.

If you want more info, read our Bussiness Plan.
Co-ownership consists of gathering investors to enable them to acquire and develop lucrative real estate that would normally be unattainable for each individual investor so they may each enjoy the benefits of owning valuable income-producing properties.
Never worry how your investment is performing.
As the owner of the buisiness, you will have back-end access to our progress reprorts, property management, reservations, and even our point of sales in monthly reports. You can monitor the performance of your investment in detail from anywhere on earth. Even if you only own one percent, you can see the current performance of the entire retreat.
  • What documents are required?
    To legally sell part of the company to you and register it in your name, we need proof of funds, a copy of your passport or government issued photo ID, your full legal name, full legal address, telephone number, and your email address. Classical Management is working with EVANS LAW and Title company to close any Real Estate deals.
  • If I buy a glamping site, can I live there?
    No. But you are able to visit, make a reservation ahead of time and rent the glamping site when you wish.
  • Can I visit the property before I complete my investment
    Right now, we are looking into a few properties we are going to purchase. You are welcome to look into the properties and aspiring locations. The purchase and development will begin as soon as the funds are raised.
  • Can I make the investment remotely?
    Yes. The reality is that about 90% of investors who contact us seek to buy, earn, and resell their part of the business entirely remotely. We supply all legal documents through government authorized e-signatory providers so your investment can be made from the convenience of your own home.
  • Is this like an REIT?
    No. Real Estate Investment Trusts are institutionally managed portfolios of property. When you invest in an REIT you never actually own any real estate or company in your name and the trustee is completely in control. With an REIT you earn dividends from the profits the trustee chooses to pay out. With us the actual bussiness is in your name, you earn what the bussiness actually earns, and you are in control of the title and resale of the bussiness.
  • Is this a Timeshare?
    No. Timeshares are fancy ways to share the usage rights of a property. In most cases you never actually own the business when you buy a timeshare. All you own is the right to use the property during pre-determined dates each year. You cannot earn rental income from a timeshare, and you cannot name the resale price. With us, you actually are the bussiness owner. You also earn rental income and resell your part of the bussiness at the price you set, any time you want.
  • Why would someone buy a part of a bussiness?
    Bussiness co-ownership is nothing new. For hundreds of years business partners, parents and their children, husbands and wives, and other groups of people have been co-owners of bussinesses. Who can buy and develop multi-million dollar buisinesses on their own? Not many. However, we modernized and simplified this process to put a valuable high-price business in the hands of normal investors. With us, you have the ability to buy a huge stake in the retreat and bring into your portfolio a professionally managed business with a high future return. Or if your budget only allows you to buy 1 percent of the business, with us you can build a solid foundation of steady income from a professionally managed multi-million business. Our glamping retreat is designed to allow anyone, with any investment budget, to build a portfolio of valuable income-generating investments at their own pace.
Elena Korol
Founder & Director
Hey! Thank you for showing interest in my project and my goal is for us to become financially free together! I am a private investor, I started my career by investing in the stock market at the age of 25 and my portfolio has a 24.7% return over the past 10 years. Real estate investing really grabbed my attention after some time with its stability and balance, especially when I used to glance at the high volatility and changes on the stock market screen. I started to invest in real estate. In practice, I realized that the purchase of one small object does not bring enough return to feed a family and takes a lot of time. After studying the trends in the real estate market, I saw that the demand for glamping (glamorous camping) is growing steadily and the profitability of this business is high. It is one of the highest growing tourist industries in Europe, so why can't it be here, in the United States? As a mother, it is very important for me to have a stable income and keep my savings safe from rising inflation. And so, the camping project was born, where you can come with the entire family, swim in the lake, go kayaking, plant flowers and vegetables, have a barbecue and listen to music with children playing under the crackle of a fire. That is what we are trying to achieve!

Why GO WILD FARM DBA Classical Management? Where did that name come from? What is the purpose of a small farm on a glamping retreat, you may wonder?

I will answer this with a personal story. Ever since 2005, I became a mom and did my best to be a good one. To Disneyland, museums, zoos and campsites all over America, Europe and Asia we traveled as mother and daughter. From the Rocky Mountains to the Himalayas: we fell into nature's charm and have not been stopping since. There was a camping place every time, and never was the same place visited twice. Why visit the same place twice if there is something unknown to see? That is what we thought, but one day everything changed.

At an ordinary farm near Vancouver, Canada, we found ourselves staying in a small tent and a rushing river nearby. My 5-year-old daughter dug her feet in the sand and then rushed off somewhere. Soon I found her planting tomatoes, provided by the farm owner, and then laughing while feeding the chickens. That weekend was certainly special. Although we enjoyed the camping music, stories around the campfire and the slightly burnt baked marshmallows, it was not what rang in our memories. For the first time, we returned to this farm to see our tomatoes we planted. They were what made this farm special. This campsite has become "our farm," although we didn't own it. I saw how my daughter, who lives in the city center, lacks communication with the earth, caring for her tomatoes and strawberries, feeding her chickens. Soon I realized after chatting with everyone else on the weekends everyone there returned to reunite with their tomatoes, who also call this farm, strawberries and chickens "theirs". What a brilliant strategy! There simple but somewhat genius strategy baffled me, for every person that came to that farm once, always returned to his new farm again. This place had become more than just camping. It became a family and second home.

Although we do not plan to plant tomatoes, having a farm of emotional significance keeps the person coming back with pleasure. And, as is well known, regular clients are what make a business prosper. As a person with a degree in economics and marketing, I believe creating a farm, a tiny one, on site at the glamping retreat is necessary to build that emotional attachment and incentive to return regularly. The more regular customers a business has, the lower the advertising costs, and, as a result, profit goes up and is more stable. In addition to being nice for the customers, it is also good on finance.

But in fact, creating a mini-farm is necessary for our soul, for our children to know how immersing your hands in the soil grants relaxation, how a farm unites people around itself and forges relationships. I want the business to be stay in the hearts of people, and needed by them. This is what we are building. We wish to welcome you to the team.
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